Back home and relaxing…

My trip home from Lethbridge was pretty uneventful. I woke up stupidly early, I have been for the last 10 days or so, I hope it’s not a pattern but I am afraid that it is. I left the hotel at about 4:15am. I didn’t want to wait until sunrise, those pesky herds of deer running across the highway when you have cruise control locked in at 110kph are, shall we say, a nuisance (to say the least). The trip back was quick, no other vehicles on the road, the full moon was shining bright in a mostly clear sky. The roads were excellent, until I got to about Pincher Creek, then they were packed snow and some ice. There were a couple of points where blowing snow made visibility not too good, but nothing like the shit-show that it was on Monday. There was also some ice fog, but all in all a good trip back.

I got a fair amount done yesterday. The dogs were in day care for the day, coming home late afternoon. I was able to do grocery shopping, check the mail and went out for breakfast. If you ever happen to be in the Crowsnest Pass area, more specifically the small town of Coleman, Alberta, I would highly recommend a restaurant called Limber Pine. It’s a smokehouse with a Mexican twist. I had a loaded omelette for breakfast and it was amazing. All of their food is, so you really can’t go wrong.

The dogs were dropped off around 3:30pm and soon after they got inside, they quickly fell asleep. Two days of playing with the other dogs all day (and likely all night) really tired them out. It was a quiet evening.

I still have not unloaded the truck, that is this morning’s task. I have a bed full (well, not quite full) of planters that were supposed to make it to Saskatchewan. They will find a home in my shed until their owners visits and can pick them up, or, I will deliver them when I head to Saskatchewan in August – my trip is rescheduled. I figured that the snow should be melted by then so the drive might be more pleasant.

I got a call yesterday that my bike has been tuned up and is ready for Spring. New chain, new brake and gear cables and it’s good to go. I will pick that up this morning and do some shopping in town, nothing overly exciting.

I guess my plans have changed for my vacation, but I am still enjoying the down time. I am heading to Calgary on Monday and now I think I will stay for 2 nights instead of just one. The dogs will be going back into boarding, so, when I get them on Wednesday afternoon, I am sure they will be wiped again.

Enjoy the rest of your week.

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