That was an experience…

Yesterday started out like any other day, I woke up a bit earlier than I wanted to, but that’s OK. I think I was excited about getting away.

I left just before 8am, stopped for gas at the Husky just down the street. We got a total of 6″ of snow or so overnight, so all in all, not too bad. There was absolutely no wind, I talked to the gas jockey for a few minutes, it was quite nice out actually.

The roads in the Pass were snow covered, the plows had been out so it wasn’t too bad. Could drive at almost normal speeds. The trip through to Lethbridge and beyond was pretty smooth.

I got to Medicine Hat and the winds really picked up. I think they were gusting at about 100kph. I stopped for gas, again at Husky (it was $1.12 per liter so not too bad at all) and headed East on the Trans Canada. After I turned onto Highway 41 North, things went downhill quickly.

There were points that I could not see much further than the front of my truck. I had my hazard lights on, so did anyone else unlucky enough to be on the roads. At one point, the road curved and I didn’t know until I hit the opposite shoulder, thankfully no one was coming the other direction as I would not have been able to see them.

I had been in contact with my friend in Saskatchewan and I told her I was turning around and heading back. There was no way I was going to drive through another 5+ hours of blowing snow like that, it was insane.

I cancelled my route on my GPS and told it to head home. It found a side road which I turned on and then turned around, could not see anything. When I got back to the highway, I could not see more than 20 feet or so either direction, so I turned south on the highway and gunned it, hoping there was nothing coming. The winds continued all along Highway 41 until I got back to Medicine Hat. Points West of there weren’t too bad.

I made it back to Lethbridge by about 3 in the afternoon and decided to spend the night there. I got my Costco run done and went to Swiss Chalet for a bite to eat, I used to go all the time (back in Ontario) but it’s rare now that I am in Alberta and rarer still since I live in the middle of nowhere.

I am home now. I had thought about trying the drive again today but the winds don’t seem to have settled down yet so it likely would have been another shit-show.

So, my planned relaxation in Saskatchewan has been postponed for now, I think I will try again in July, or August. I am pretty sure the snow will be melted by then and if it is windy, maybe it will just blow dirt around.

Guess I will relax at home. Stay safe.

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