A Productive Weekend

This past weekend was a pretty productive weekend for me.

On Friday afternoon, I took a drive to Fort MacLeod, about 100km to the East and bought a used NordicTrack elliptical. I have been looking for a good quality elliptical that wouldn’t break the bank for some time now. So, I went and picked this one up for $300 after some mild negotiations. Great deal as these are well over $2k new. We had to take it apart to get it up the stairs but not a big deal there – easy to put back together.

While in Fort MacLeod, I also picked up a gift for a friend that I am visiting next week. Just something small but she will like it I am sure. I am heading to the exciting province of Saskatchewan for 5 days. It will be a good long run in the new truck and a good break of a routine that I badly need, I am sure we ALL badly need it.

On Saturday, I had help to unload my elliptical and load my BBQ. Had to bring it in to get it serviced as the flame on it was more like a pilot light. Hopefully that will get fixed soon and back to BBQing I will go.

The dogs and I went for a couple of hikes. The weather has taken a turn, back to winter-like conditions, so that sort of sucks. No upper teens, but I am sure they will be back and I will complain about how hot it is.

So, just this week to work then 2 weeks off. I am really looking forward to the down time. Enjoy your week.

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