Getting in shape?

I have been looking on Kijiji and Facebook Marketplace for a few months now for an elliptical. I wanted to get a better quality one, and of course, I didn’t want to pay big bucks. I do live in the middle of nowhere though, so local options have been pretty limited. I have seen a number of them in the Calgary area, but, that’s 2-2.5 hours away depending on where in Calgary and up to a few weeks ago, I didn’t have a truck to go fetch it. I could have asked a friend to bring it down and paid for their gas and what not, but nothing really looked good enough to do that.

Well, yesterday, I found 2 ellipticals and they were both relatively close. I message the first guy, in Sparwood, nut, unfortunately, it was already sold. So I messaged the second guy, in Fort McLeod and it hasn’t sold – it’s only 100km there so not too bad. I am going to take a look at it tonight and hopefully it will pass the examination.

I had a good thing going for a bit at the local gym. Back in September/October 2019 I had a membership and was getting into a good routine, then I went to Ontario for a couple of week and when I got back, I didn’t make it back to the gym. Then in March of 2021, the covid shit hit the fan so that sidelined going to a gym, in fact, I don’t think they are properly reopened yet.

So, I am hoping this one will work. It’s a good price and will help me get into a shape, other than round. Here’s to my health 🙂

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