I really was hibernating…

Well, I guess I have been hibernating.  I have not posted in my blog since the end of January this year, that’s over 4.5 months now.

It’s not that nothing has happened.  Unless you are living under a rock, you’re well aware of what has been going on the last couple of months.

In February, I took a road trip to California.  I had a great time.  I went down to see a friend who was turning 60 and also went to Six Flags Magic Mountain with a friend that I had not seen in 14 years.  The only downside to the trip is that my cell phone got wrecked on the trip and I was not able to get any of the pictures off of it, they didn’t back up to the cloud before the phone was damaged.  That was also an expensive lesson, cost me $700 in total or so.  Oh well.  I can’t really complain, in all of the years that I have had a cell phone, this is the first once that has gotten anything more than a scratch.

I got back near the end of February, before the shit hit the fan, so to say.

Things here (in Coleman, Alberta) have been close to normal through the whole pandemic.  Other than restaurants being open only for take-out and arrows on the floors of stores requesting you walk one way, there hasn’t been much of a change.  Things are slowly getting back to full normal now.  I hope the economy gets some sort of kick-start, it’s needed.

So, we are mid-June now, almost summer time.  I hope that I will have more to say over the coming weeks and months.  Stay well.

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