Another cold weekend…

The last week has been cold.  Very cold.  Daytime highs in the mid -20 range at the warmest and around -30 or so at night.  I have not been able to take the dogs out for a hike since last Saturday.  We might be able to go today, but, I sort of think the high won’t be anywhere near as warm as they’ve said.

They did go to doggie daycare yesterday.  Crowsnest Pet Care has an indoor facility now so the dogs were able to burn off some energy and play with some of their dog friends.  The pictures were great, looked like all the dogs were having a great time.  The two ladies who run Crowsnest Pet Care are amazing with the dogs.

So, I am hoping we will be able to go out later today and tomorrow – we all need some exercise, including me (for sure).  I am sure we will get some more extreme cold weather, but hopefully that will be while I am away next month.

We haven’t had a lot of snow lately either.  I would guess less than a foot since the beginning of December.  I am willing to bet that we will get a couple of more wallops before Spring.

So, today, groceries and hopefully a hike.  Enjoy your Saturday.

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