Seems like winter has arrived…

According to the weather forecast, Southern Alberta is about to enter a deep freeze.  Actually, I think it is all of Alberta.  The temp will drop through the day today to about -20C and some of the nighttime lows over the next week to 10 days are in the low -20’s and or -30’s.  Daytime highs are in the upper -20’s or -teens – sheesh, talk about cold, I guess winter is here.

I am grateful that I am no longer out on the acreage in Sentinel.  The dogs and I would be shivering in the cold.  I am thankful for natural gas and a working furnace.

I guess we won’t be going for many, if any, hikes in the near future.  Hera would be fine, she loves the cold and doesn’t show signs of being cold unless it’s below -25/-30.  Blondie can handle slightly warmer than that, -20 is around her “good” range and Twix, well, anything below -10 and she’s out, even if she has a sweater on.

It’s days like this that I wish I had a fireplace, even if they aren’t efficient for heating – it adds something to the room you’re in and they are nice to look at.

So, wherever you are, stay warm.  We will.  Happy Winter.  🙂


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