2019 – A Year in Review

Well, we are creeping up on 2020, the last few hours of 2019 are ahead of us.

Looking back on 2019, it wasn’t a bad year, all in all.

January – I was living in Sentinel Alberta, in an awful house that was drafty and was on propane for heat.  I had a wood-stove which was awesome, too bad I had such a hard time sourcing wood.  January was damn cold as well.

February – Trying not to freeze in Sentinal.  I am using space heaters in the house, thinking this may be cheaper than using propane for heat – not sure if it was or not, my February electric bill was over $500.  One morning when it was -50C outside, it was 9C in the house.

March – The bitter cold left, thankfully and we survived.  At this point, I had decided I was not going to spend another winter in the rental.

April & May – Great spring.  Still paying abnormally high electricity bills but we made it through a rough winter.  I know know that I can live just about anywhere for a year.

June – Signed a lease for a great new place in Coleman Alberta.  I am only 8km or so East of where I was, but I will have gas heat and unlimited cable internet.  The lease starts in July, so I will be carrying it and the old place for one month.  I am very happy that I don’t have to move back to Calgary or somewhere else as I really do love living in the mountains.

July – Moved into the new place, I love it – still do.  Very sad middle of the month with losing my sister.  Made an unexpected trip back to Ontario for her funeral.  You will always be missed, Joan.

August – Met a great neighbour at the new place and we’ve become friends – she’s like a sister really.  Being in town is awesome, I still have amazing mountain views and am loving small-town life.

September – So nice being able to stream baseball games with MLB.tv.  I had gotten used to not using the internet (as I was paying per GB and it was pricy, another good reason to get out of that place in Sentinal).

October – Return trip to Ontario for our IT Conference at work.  Spent Thanksgiving with family and had a great time at the conference.

November – Short work-trip to Banff, was not quite what I expected.  Given a promotion at work and a nice raise – enjoying the new job (same company) for sure.

December – Hosted a friend for Christmas dinner.  Glad to be in a place with gas heat.

Well, there ya go.  A VERY brief overview of the year.  I am loving living in a small-town and in the mountains, it doesn’t get much better than this.  I still visit Calgary just about every month to see friends, go to Costco and what-not and the drive has become routine.

Wishing you the best for 2020.

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