Back to the routine – just about…

The insanity of Christmas is over.  Well, I will admit, it isn’t too insane for me.  No kids, just three dogs who are always happy to get something.  I ordered new collars for them, they are embroidered with their names and my phone number.  I also ordered new dog tags but they have not arrived yet.  They also got some Nylar bones which they love and are pretty well the only things they can’t chew through.

I got, from the dogs, a Traeger smoker/grill.  Very nice of them, I am unsure where they get their money.  I had been looking at Traeger smokers for a few months and I was in the Okotoks Costco back in November and a factory rep was there.  I got a great deal on a Traeger so I picked it up.  I am going to enjoy it I am sure.

I was supposed to have two friends over for dinner but it was down to one so we had a great meal.  I made a turkey breast and it turned out well.  I made a baked stuffing dish with bacon and cheese – how can anything with bacon and cheese be bad?  It was a good meal, if the cook says so himself.  I hope that the other friend who didn’t make it gets well soon.

So, back to work today for one day.  Most of our offices are closed so I suspect it will be rather quiet.  I can use some downtime, the first full week of January will likely be nuts as it normally is and that will last for a few weeks.

I have booked my hotel for my trip to California in February.  I am really looking forward to it.  The dogs will be heading to their pet resort for a week.  I am driving so I am going to see some cool sights I am sure.

The weekend is upon us again – hopefully you’ve recovered from the holiday enough to enjoy it.

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