Another quick weekend…

It has been a pretty easy-going weekend.  I wanted to make pasta sauce, didn’t get to that, unsure why, laziness perhaps…  I did make banana bread today, for the first time ever and it turned out really well.  I was impressed with myself.

Hera’s ear infection seems to be doing well with the medication that she was prescribed.  The steroids that they gave her caused her to have peeing accidents on Wednesday night, so I decided to stop giving her that.  I called the vet and let them know, since she only had one half of a pill, I didn’t figure there would be any withdrawal symptoms and the vet agreed.  Poor Hera, if dogs feel embarrassed, she definitely did when I woke up at 2am and discovered pee in the hallway, bathroom, living room and kitchen.  Nothing since.

It was cold and snowy this weekend.  It was 5C or so on Friday afternoon and again on Saturday morning and then the temps dropped down to the -15C range or so on Saturday afternoon.  It is so nice being back in civilization and having gas heat.  We aren’t freezing our buts off this winter.  This house isn’t drafty either.  What a place that was out by the lake, should be bulldozed.  I feel bad for whoever moved in there in August, I am willing to bet they won’t stay past one year.

Only a couple of weeks until Christmas.  I will likely have two people over for dinner on Christmas Day.  I have not decided if I am making a turkey breast or a full turkey this year.  I will need to call the butcher stop that I have been going to and see if they can do a stuffed bird.

I am working over the holidays, other than the mandatory days off, this is OK though as I suspect it will be VERY quiet.  We get a short break from the insanity, until January 6 rolls around and that week is insanely busy.  I have always said I should take the first week of January off, yet I never have.

I do have a week booked off in February though.  I am heading down to California for a few days, driving there and back.  A friend of mine turns 60 and I am seeing another friend that I have not seen in 14 years – should be a great week.  The dogs will stay in the pet resort up here.  Will be nice to get away from the cold for a bit too.

Well, hopefully you had a good weekend, they do seem to go by too quickly.  Enjoy your week.

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