Happy December

It’s December 1, already.  This year is zooming by.

I am now ok with people putting up Christmas decorations.  I will be putting up my majestic Christmas Tree today, this is a picture from last year:


Majestic, isn’t it?  I am not into decorating and whatnot, this tree is absolutely perfect.  I am not sure where I will put it this year, but I have a few places in mind.

It will stay up until January 1, then go back into storage for another 11 months.

Here’s this years version of the Majestic Christmas Tree:


Notice the subtle differences?  This years tree shares the top of the bookcase with Lord Vader and protected by my trusty Knight.

This year, I may have two guests for Christmas dinner which will be nice.  I haven’t decided if I am doing a full turkey, or a turkey breast, or what.  I guess I need to make up my mind.  I will have to see if I can borrow a roasting pan.  I had one and I remember exactly where I left it when I moved out of the house in Calgary – it was on the top shelf in the laundry room.  Oh well.  I don’t have to have to buy a roasting pan, not for something I may use once a year anyway…  Hopefully, my neighbour will have one I can borrow.

Nothing big planned for today other than a hike with the dogs, putting up my Majestic Christmas tree and perhaps start on the paperwork that I need to fill in for Air Cadets.  I have not really looked through what I have to do as yet, but the email I received had 19 attachments.  What fun.  I did confirm that I don’t have to shave my beard off at least, so that’s good.  I have had facial hair longer in my life than being fur-free.  LOL

No football today – my Buffalo Bills ran all over the Dallas Cowboys on American Thanksgiving this past Thursday.  It was a pretty good game and I won a bet against a friend at work.  She now has to take me for dinner when I visit in August, I am greatly looking forward to it.

Well, Happy December and have a good Sunday.


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