I think Winter is here…

It looks like winter is here.  We got about 6″ of snow or snow yesterday and it’s snowing again today and we are under a Winter storm warning for the day.  It’s cold, -12C right now and windy, so it’s not a friendly day at all.  BUT, I did choose to live in the mountains and I am willing to put up with an early and long winter to have the rest of what you get living where I do.

I am pretty much in my Winter hibernation mode already.  I am hitting bed relatively early, between 9 and 10 and sleeping in until after 5am, not that 3am crap that I was doing for a few months.  It’s quite nice not being exhausted all day.

No real Winter activities are planned, other than hikes with the dogs when it isn’t -20C or colder.  I did buy snowshoes back in the early Fall and I am hoping to get some use of them.  Blondie and Hera love the snow and cold, Twix loves the snow, the cold, not so much but when she wears her sweater, she’s much better.

I am hoping to do some ice fishing at some point this Winter, I’ve only ever done it once.  Lots of great places to do it.

November is almost over, the Fall is zooming by.  It is so nice having gas heat in the house, as opposed to the nonsense I put up with last year.  This house is insulated well, which is nice and it’s not drafty.

Anyway, hopefully you aren’t getting snowed in, we are here today (sort of).  Enjoy.

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