Saturday, a day of nothingness…

Last week was interesting at work.  Monday through Wednesday were insanely busy which made the days zoom on by.  Thursday was what I would call a normal day and Friday was much more relaxed, not busy at all.

Yesterday, it was a day of nothingness.  I did have to go and pick up my bi-weekly vegetables and stop at the grocery store for milk and salad dressing – I came home with milk, so, guess what I am going back for today?  It is hard to have a salad without salad dressing.  Oh well.  I didn’t even go on a hike with the dogs, I know, bad…

I went back to bed yesterday morning after getting up way too early, I can see something similar happening today.  I watched a couple of older but great movies – V for Vendetta and Glory.  I have Amazon Prime which gives you a great selection of movies and TV shows.  I could almost cancel my satellite subscription.

The Bills are hosting the Broncos today at 11am (my time) and are looking to go 8-3 for the first time in 20 years I believe it is.  Should be a good game and I am sure there will be some trolling between a few of us on Facebook.  Later on today, the Pats visit the Cowboys, I am sure PB will be glued but I don’t see the Cowboys fairing too well in this contest.

Nothing else planned for today, except we will go for a hike, between football games.  Weather should be good for a hike along the mountains.  Enjoy your Sunday.

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