Back to a normal routine…

My week off is over.  I am actually glad to be back into a normal routine.  It was relaxing, but I actually got bored, my own fault of course.

My trip to Calgary on Friday was productive.  I left around 11AM and dropped the dogs off at the pet resort for a one-night stay.  They happily went in, which is good to see – I do believe they like it there.

The trek north was uneventful which is how all trips should be.  The weather was nice, warm, for this time of year, nearly 10C.  I stopped at Costco in Okotoks.  Gas was 90 cents a litre, filled up.  I went in to get dog food and chicken treats for the dogs.  Well, as I am heading for the check-outs, there was a large Traeger grill display and a couple of Traeger reps.  They normally don’t sell Traeger grills at Costco, just the accessories, this was a factory direct thing.

I ended up buying myself a Traeger, I have been looking for a number of months and I saved a lot of money buying one on Friday.  I got some free add-ons when he thought I was going to walk away without buying, so I am happy.  It did sort of derail the shopping in Calgary I had planned to do, but what the hell.  I now have the grill/smoker that I wanted and got it for a great price.

I spent part of the afternoon in the Calgary office, saw some co-workers I normally don’t see so it was a good afternoon.

Dinner was at Mina’s Brazilian Steakhouse in downtown Calgary.  It was a great venue and the food was pretty darn good as well.  It was not the best Brazilian place I have been to in Calgary but it was an 8/10 all in all.  None of us left hungry and it didn’t cost me a dime since this was the result of the Astros beating the Yankees in the ALCS.

I spent the night in Calgary.  Driving home after a Meat Coma meal, at night (for 2.5 hours) at this time of year can sometimes not be fun.  I left Calgary around 8am on Saturday, retrieved my dogs and had a relaxing rest of the weekend.

Back to work today and I am glad to be back into a normal routine, until the Christmas break I guess anyway.  Have a good week.

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