Good for Don Cherry

Yesterday was Remembrance Day in Canada, Veterans Day in the US.  It is a good day to reflect on the sacrifices many made for us so that we can live free as we do.

On the weekend, a Canadian icon, Don Cherry made some remarks about people not wearing poppies.  The “left” were outraged.  Of course, the “left” are outraged by most things these days.  It’s absolutely ridiculous.

Rogers Sportsnet apologized for Don’s remarks, where many of us don’t think an apology is necessary.  Ron MacLean apologized for Don’s remarks.  Ron is a wimp.  Kowtowing to the powers that be, like he always does.  He’s disgusting, as far as I am concerned.

Yesterday, on Remembrance Day, Sportsnet fired Don Cherry for, essentially, supporting the troops.

Does it affect me?  No, not at all.  It’s gross though.  Don Cherry has always spoken his mind and had made many controversial comments over his many, many years as a hockey commentator.  Don also doesn’t apologize for what he said, instead, he stands behind it, as we all expected him to do.  Good for you, Don.  We need more people like you in Canada and fewer people who get offended by what you said, and what everyone else says.

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