On staycation…

I was going to work on Friday and start my vacation (staycation as I am not going anyway) after work on Friday afternoon.  I accumulated some OT at the conference that I was supporting and my boss wanted me to use some of that as lieu and take most of Friday off, so I only ended up working from 6:30-8:00am and then was off.

The dogs got picked up for their pack hike and I went to do some running around that I needed to get done.  I had dropped a couple of winter jackets off at the dry cleaner to have new zippers put on, they did a great job and now I can wear my ski jacket that has not been worn in 4 or 5 years I would say.  It is a Columbia and I called (and emailed) their customer service line, getting them to repair it turned out to be impossible – they’d say “take it back to where you purchased it from”, so I did – Sport Chek, they’d say “oh no, you need to contact Columbia” – yeah, been there, done that.  Anyway, for $30 the dry cleaner fixed it, thanks.  I also had my Rockies jacket repaired, that zipper only gave way this year but I wear that jacket all the time so I didn’t want to go without I guess.

My brother in law is taking over my second cell phone contract and I am giving him my iPhone 6s to use, he’s going to port his home number to it and save himself a crap-load of money on phone bills.  I packaged everything up and brought it down to the post office.  I paid some extra so it would arrive next week as opposed to the week after, not a big deal, I was supposed to send it so that it arrived WHILE he was in Cuba last week, but I forgot.  Well, when I got home, I discovered that the phone was still sitting on a cabinet in my living room – I had sent all of the accessories.  Sigh…  Now I will need to send the phone, likely Tuesday.  Oh well, it’s not like he doesn’t have a phone.  I do feel like an idiot though.

The rest of Friday was relaxing, went to bed early and got up sort of early on Saturday.  I see a lot more of this type of routine over the next week.

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