Vacation time…

My week in Banff is over.  I left the Banff Center at 10am yesterday and headed home.  It was an interesting week.  There were some technical issues that I was able to tackle and get fixes so that was good.  We will go over the issues we experienced so that the issues we faced won’t be repeated in the future.

I am happy that I won’t have to see or interact with a couple of the people who were there – all I will say is that they are absolutely miserable human beings.

The drive home was good, the roads were all clear, just wet so my car is in bad need of a car wash and I likely need more washer fluid.

I picked up the dogs shortly after 1:30 and they were happy to see me, Hera does her little cries, I was happy to see them as well.  I am not planning on going anywhere in the next while so they won’t need to be boarding for a bit, other than possibly an overnight stay.

I am off after today for a week, the last of my vacation.  I have no plans other than dinner in Calgary a week from today.  I will take the dogs on a bunch of hikes and will nap.  Sounds pretty relaxing to me.

The weekend is here, I hope you enjoy yours.

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