A week (nearly) in Banff…

I have been supporting the BDO A&A Conference in Banff, Alberta since Monday.  More on that in a minute.

On my way to the conference on Monday, I had to stop in Calgary to pick up some hardware for the conference.  As I was parking and paying for the parking, I had to enter my plate number in the machine.  I looked at my car and didn’t recognize the plate number.  I went back to my car (about 50 feet away) and noticed, the plate was a standard red Alberta plate, not the Support our Troops black plate.  Someone has stolen my plate and put this plate on my car.

So, as I am leaving Calgary for Banff, I call Calgary Police to report the stolen plates.  They ask me to pull-over so that’s not a problem.  I am on the phone for about 30 minutes.  She wants me to contact the RCMP in Banff to turn in the stolen plate and I can visit the Registry office in Banff to get my new plate.

So I did that this morning, yesterday was far too busy.  No issue getting a new plate, $22.50.  I then drove to the RCMP detachment, wrote a short statement and handed in the stolen plate.

All in all, it was a minor inconvenience really.  I have been driving around since I returned from my trip to Ontario with a stolen plate on my car though.  Luckily, no police had followed me and entered the plate number into their computer.

I now have a new plate, albeit a regular Alberta plate, I need to decide if I want to get a Support our Troops plate again.  They are just under $90, so I may…

The plate that was on my car was stolen in the same neighbourhood that my car was parked in while I was away.  The police didn’t tell me when that plate was reported stolen, but did confirm it was while I was away, so I know the plate theft didn’t happen when I was home anyway.

The conference was pretty good, although there were a fair number of issues on Tuesday.  Everything is back up and running now, was by mid-morning today, so that’s good.  Presuming there are no new issues tomorrow, I will head home around 10am or so.  If there are issues, I will stay and then I may need to delay my return home until Friday.  We will see what happens, but I suspect all will be well.

It’s been a good week, the Banff Center has some beautiful scenery for sure.  The food here used to be quite good, it has gone downhill quite a bit I found.  They are offering too many vegetarian and vegan dishes and not enough “real” food.  So, I am getting a bit tired of plants.  I will see what the offerings are for dinner tonight and I hope for some good meat anyway.

I am looking forward to seeing the dogs tomorrow afternoon and then I am done work for the day, so I will probably catch a nap.  I may, or may not work on Friday, regardless, I am off next week so I will enjoy that.

I’ve had a good week, even though it’s only Wednesday, hopefully you have as well.

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