Back to the normal routine…

It was back to work yesterday and I was actually happy to be back to work and get back into my normal routine.  It was a busy day, very busy actually and that made the day zoom on by, the way days should go.

The dogs got back into their normal routine as well.  They headed out in a bit of a snowstorm to go on a pack hike with their dog friends.  They were gone nearly 3 hours and were quite tired when they got back.

I had an Air Cadets meeting last evening.  They had contacted all of my references before I left for Ontario, we just had some issues scheduling my interview portion.  We did that last night and I was taken on as a volunteer.  Not sure what the next steps are exactly, but my police clearance came back and what not, so shortly, I will be good to go.

Tonight is game 6 of the World Series, back in Houston with the Astros holding a 3-2 series lead.  I am hoping it is over tonight, two excellent pitchers on the mound.  I would also prefer that the Astros score early and often and then just cruise to the Championship, it is less stressful that way.  Regardless, it will be some good baseball I am sure.  I will have a nap after work seeing as I am going to bed so early lately, my winter hibernation has started already.

Nothing else on tap for the rest of the week really and nothing planned for this coming weekend either.  On Monday, I head to Banff to support an A&A Conference so the dogs will go back into boarding for a few days and I will be staying at the Banff Centre in Banff, great rooms and amazing food.  It’s just three nights, I will be heading back to the Pass on Thursday morning.  Should be a good time.

Enjoy your week.

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