All tied up…

Saturday was a relaxing day.  I didn’t sleep in, but I didn’t really expect to sleep in.  I was up around 4:30am, later than normal I suppose which is good.  I did catch a great nap around 11 and woke up shortly after 1 – not bad at all.

The Astros and Nationals played in game four last night with Washington holding a 2-1 series lead.  It was a great game, if you’re an Astros fan.  The final was 8-1 and Washington really wasn’t ever in the game.  It was the type of game I like to see.  We are now all tied up, it’s now a best of three series and four of the best pitchers in the league are facing off over the next two games, should be some great baseball.

I had forgotten that I signed up for veggie service with the Veggie Guy who sells at the local market all summer (and into the Fall).  I got a text around 6pm asking if I was coming to get them, dumb me, I didn’t enter it into my calendar.  So, I zipped over to pick them up.  In the shop where the pickup was, a company called The Pantry Girls sell a bunch of other food in bulk and the prices are great.  Will be something I will look at every other week for sure.

Hopefully, the weather will be agreeable for a good hike today, it was rainy then snowy most of the day yesterday.  The dogs could use a good hike, so could I – I have a LOT of desserts to burn off from last week’s conference.

I am back at home this week, then next Monday I head to Banff after work to provide support at a conference.  The dogs will go back into boarding for a few days and I will likely have a good time.  Tough life this job is, I enjoy it.

You should enjoy your Sunday.

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