Back to a normal routine…

I am glad to be back into a normal routine.  The dogs and I took it easy last night.  I had to make my own dinner (I know, horrible, right?) and then there weren’t 5 different types of cake to choose from for dessert.  That is actually a good thing, I am unsure how much weight I put on in the last two weeks, but I bet it was 8 pounds anyway.  I typically don’t eat dessert often at all, but I did at the conference, both at lunch and at dinner and I am pretty sure, if they had put cake out at breakfast, I would have eaten it then too.

We watched the baseball game last night.  It was an absolute must-win for the Astros and they came through and won.  It was a good game, the Astros pitching was solid and they had enough offense to get ahead and stay ahead.

Game four is tonight and I am hoping that Houston ties up the series and then it will be the best of 3 which will surely make for some exciting baseball.

Nothing else planned for this weekend.  I will stick close to home, take the dogs for a hike or two and watch more baseball.  Tomorrow is football day of course, the Bills are at home again.  They are having one of the best seasons in recent history, so that’s awesome.  It’s fun to watch.

Enjoy your weekend.

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