Great football game…

I woke up at my typically early time yesterday, around 4am.  My brother in law slept in until almost 7am, lazy teenagers…  We took the dogs for a walk along the entrance to the Welland Canal in Port Weller.  We didn’t go on the full route (about 5km), we took a slightly shorter path which works out to about 3.5km.  My leg was killing me, like I had shin splints.  We went out for breakfast to the Greasy Spoon (it’s actually called the Golden Grill, corner of Welland and Geneva in St. Catharines).  It’s the best breakfast spot in the city.

We headed back to his place and then were off to the Bills game.  The GPS took us on an odd route, but we got there.  We parked for $15 on someone’s front lawn, just down from the stadium.  It was about a 2km hike, mostly uphill to the stadium.  I did a quick tour of the Bills Store, would have bought a pullover style “cage” jacket, but they didn’t have my size.  Another nice Starter jacket would have fit, but it was $120USD (maybe it was $130USD) and that was more than I wanted to spend.

So, off to our seats.  We were in the last row of the upper bowl, but when we got there, our seats were missing.  I mean actually missing.  The row started at 3 and we had seats one and two.  A bit odd, to be sure.  Anyway, I found a Guest Relations person and he couldn’t explain it, so off we go to the Customer Service area.  Turns out, we had “accessible” seating, so we were actually on the upper walkway, just above where our seats should have been.  We were provided chairs, had a railing to lean on in front of us and unobstructed views of the field, even when people in front of us were standing.  It was great, the best seats I’ve ever had I think.

The Bills started out slowly, scored a couple of field goals and their D wasn’t as sharp as it had been in previous weeks.  They were down 5 at the half, but came back strong in the second half and won by 10, effectively “squishing the fish”.  We made our trek back to the car and made it out of the area pretty well, considering the number of people leaving at the same time, it wasn’t bad at all.

Red Lobster was on the menu for dinner, Endless Shrimp. It was quite good and we were quite full.  The evening ended with a visit with some friends in Welland then I hit bed and hit it hard.  I slept until almost 5am today, so that’s sort of late for me.

I am going for breakfast this morning at 8am with some old political friends and then lunch with another friend and then she’s going to drop me off at the conference in Niagara-on-the-Lake.

I am looking forward to returning to Calgary on Thursday and then heading home on Friday afternoon.  I miss my dogs and I am sure they miss me.  I hope the weather will be decent, I don’t really want to drive through mounds of snow on the way home.

Enjoy your week.

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