Excellent dinner, excellent baseball…

Yesterday was a good Saturday.  I went for breakfast with an old friend, had a good time.  It was at the Blue Star in Welland where I used to go when I was going to Niagara College.

After breakfast, I went for a coffee with another friend after stopping at the Pen Centre.  I was surprised that the Pen was open at 9am on a Saturday, and it was dead so I was able to return a pair of boot that I had purchased that were going to be difficult to get back to Alberta.

I spoke with the guy I was meeting for dinner and remembered that I hadn’t made reservations.  I called and they had no reservations available between 4pm and 8pm so we decided that we would go earlier, 4:30pm, a Seniors time for dinner.  We were able to get a table right away.  Had a great Keg dinner (bacon-wrapped chicken, twice baked potato and coleslaw and a brownie sundae for dessert).

I headed back to St. Catharines, made great time and turned the ball game on.  The Astros lead the game from the beginning but in the top of the 9th, Osuna blew the save, allowing a 2 run homer.  Chapman pitched for the Yankees in the bottom of the 9th and he’s normally lights out.  With 2 out and a runner on base, Altuve smacked a 2-run home run out of the park to win the game, the series and got himself the Series MVP award as well.  It was, to say the least, an exciting finish, although I would have preferred that the save wasn’t blown and the bottom of the 9th wasn’t necessary.

So, the Astros move on and meet the Nationals starting Tuesday night.  Prior to the NLCS, I thought that either the Yankees or Astros would walk away with the World Series title without much trouble.  After the NLCS and the way that the Nationals handled the Cardinals, I think it’s going to be an awesome World Series.

Today, my brother in law and I are heading to Orchard Park New York and catching the Buffalo Bills squish the Miami Dolphins.  I have not been to an NFL game in 9 or 10 years now and I am really looking forward to it.

Enjoy your Sunday, I know I will enjoy mine.

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