A day to relax…

I was in Toronto yesterday for day two of my visit to the big city.  When I was walking down Yonge Street, I noticed that I could see more people in a block or two than there are in the area that I live in now.  I had two great experiences with cabs, the prices were excellent and far cheaper than Uber, I was actually surprised.  I went into the office as I was going for lunch with the new Director.  We went to a place near the office called C’Est What – a small pub in the lower level of a cool building.  We both got the exact same meal, some tomato soup with a little kick to it and jambalaya which was excellent.  We chatted mostly about work and support.  I avoided politics since I know he’s a Liberal compared to me being a Conservative so that would have ended in some sort of argument, at best.  Even though I am on vacation, I did a little work in the office, catching up on stuff that’s been on my plate for a while.

Last night was Meat Coma night at Copacabana in Toronto.  It was excellent, lots of different varieties of beef, chicken, shrimp, grilled pineapple which is simply amazing.  I went for dinner with three ex-coworkers, we had a great time, mostly talking about where they used to work and where I currently work.  We talked about other former co-workers, people who have left BDO, new people who have come in, all that fun stuff.  It was a good meal, good friends and a good time.

I drove my ex-boss home after dinner than set the GPS for St. Catharines and headed out.  What is with people who insist on driving in the passing lane regardless of who wants to pass them?  It’s very annoying.  Despite that, I made great time back and got in just before 10:30.  I went to sleep almost instantly, I needed it.

Today there are limited plans, which is good.  I think the weather is supposed to be sort of crappy, but, presuming it’s not raining too much, I will take my brother in-laws dogs for a walk, they’ll enjoy it.  I am heading to Duff’s tonight with three guys that I met in public school and I mean way back, between grades 1 and 4.  I have not seen any of them for 30 years, so it should be interesting for sure.  I am friends with two of them on Facebook, the 3rd, I have not heard from or about in a long, long time.

Nothing else planned for today, we will see what transpires.

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