Craving a home-cooked meal…

I’m starting to greatly look forward to some home cooked food now. I’m getting tired of eating out.

Yesterday, I went to Craft Beer Market for lunch. I’m not a beer drinker, I’ve never liked try stuff. I had a Tex-Mex salad and it was excellent. I wanted something a bit lighter since I was going to Red Lobster for dinner. Dinner was great, ate way too much shrimp but it was good, as always.

I was unable to watch game three of the ALCS, except for the 8th and 9th so, at least I saw Houston win the game. It’s a good series and luckily, the Astros have found their bats. The winner will of course face Washington in the World Series after they demolished the Cardinals. It may be a better World Series than I thought.

Today, I’m heading somewhere for lunch, unsure where as yet, I will eat light though since I’m heading to Copacabana for dinner and what we’ve come to call Meat Coma. I’m heading out with three ex co-workers so it should be a good evening. I’ll be heading back to St. Catharines after dinner, it’ll be a bit more relaxing.

Happy Hump Day to all.

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