Happy Thanksgiving

I woke up at 3am yesterday, same time as normal, except that I’m in Ontario, so Eastern Time as opposed to Mountain Time. Not a big deal, I guess my body has already switched over.

We went for breakfast to my old breakfast haunt, the Greasy Spoon as we call it, Golden Grill at the corner of Welland and Geneva in St. Catharines. Really good breakfast spot. We stopped in at Harvest Barn, I bought a cherry pie for Thanksgiving dessert. We took the dogs on a good walk out along the entrance to the Welland canal, the wind was brisk but it was turning into a nice day.

I had to meet with a friend over in Townawanda, he had a couple of shirts made for me, a Colorado shirt, in the Rockies purple and black and a Houston shirt in orange, both long sleeve shirts, and both with my baseball number, 21 on them. I also had a pullover shipped to him, it was far cheaper than having it shipped to Canada. I now have a mailing address in the US, in Eureka, Montana so I can get packages and what not and it’s only about an hour drive.

I picked up my aunt and cousin, they were joining us for dinner. Full turkey dinner and it was great. I made Brussels sprouts, with bacon and maple syrup, they were really good, we were all stuffed. Started to watch the ALCS last night, Yankees vs Houston, went to bed in about the 5th, just couldn’t stay awake, pretty lame.

Today I’ll head for Toronto for a few days, will be good to see coworkers, past and present and, of course, eat some food. Red Lobster for shrimp, Copacabana for all u can eat meat, a couple of lunches. I’m sure my week will fly by,

Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian readers.

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