A long day…

Friday was a half day at work.  We get out early on the Fridays before a long weekend when the holiday is a Monday, so the Thanksgiving holiday is the last one of the year.  I will take it, thanks.  The dogs were out on a pack hike so I zipped out to get some stuff done before my trip.

My first stop was my PO Box and low and behold, finally, I received a refund cheque from Rogers for my security deposit.  I canceled my Rogers Hub back at the end of June and it took them nearly 4.5 months to get me my refund.  It had escalated to “the Office of the President” and as impressive as that might sound, it’s not.  I received the worst customer service ever from that particular group.

So, anyway, cheque received, finally, thanks Rogers for the speedy service…  I went and voted, there was a steady line of people which is good.  John Barlow is the Conservative MP for the area and I would say, his job is safe.  I live in what is likely one of the most Conservative areas of Canada and that’s a good thing.  I just hope the rest of Canada smartens up and rids us of the Liberals.  The party should be decimated.  The alternatives aren’t any better in the NDP and Green and Max’s party is a good of malcontents.  Guess we will see in just over a week.

I got home, the dogs were back from their hike.  I had to pack my stuff for my trip – the dogs stuff was already in the car, ready to go.  We headed out a little later than I wanted to, when doesn’t that happen.  I dropped the dogs off at the Pet Resort and headed north Calgary.

I was supposed to go for dinner on Friday night.  I had four cancellations so I was starting to get a complex.  I ended up going to Cross Iron Mills mall just outside of Calgary.  Three years ago when I was there, I had a protective screen put on my phone and it did a great job, no scratches or anything so I had another one put on my new phone.  I browsed around the mall a bit, had dinner at Milestone’s and headed to where I am leaving my car for a couple of weeks.  I took a taxi to the airport and arrived hours before boarding.  I was able to kill off some time before getting to the airport but not enough.

I had a second dinner at Chili’s, good food.  I boarding around 11:50pm or so and we were in the air shortly after 12:15.  The last thing I remember on the plane was an announcement about drinks being served and then the next time I looked at my watch, it was 5:10am and we were getting close to Toronto.  I have never previously gone to sleep on a place, so it was a pleasant surprise.

We landed at 6am.  I picked up my luggage and headed to the Budget car rental place, I had a 7:30 reservation.  Apparently, when you book a car for 7:30, it’s not ready until 7:30 and if you want it earlier, you need to pay.  So, I headed back to the airport arrivals area and stood in line at the slowest Starbucks ever.  I have never seen a Starbucks with only 2 workers until now.  I bought my $7 latte and headed back to the rental place.

I had to wait a bit as it wasn’t yet 7:30.  Long story short (when do I ever tell a short story?) I didn’t get my car rental…  I had one credit card and I keep the credit limit low, only $300 as I don’t really trust myself.  There was no balance on the card at all so I had $300 in available credit.  According to the Budget web site, you can pay a security deposit via debit, so, when I booked, I wasn’t worried about it.  Nope, not the case.  So, I called Canadian Tire MasterCard.  I have not had the card long enough to get a credit limit increase, not even $100.  I suppose I could have asked to speak with a supervisor, but I dropped it.  So, no rental…  That sort of sucks.

I arrived in St. Catharines at noon, 6 hours after landing.  Complete insanity…

I was supposed to go to a friends house last night but I didn’t get a response from her all day.  My brother in law and I had dinner and snacks since I figured my plans were canceled.  I watched part of what turned out to be a very disappointing Astros – Yankees game 1 of the NLCS with the Yankees hammering the Astros.  Not a good start to be sure. I went to bed early, the Red Eye caught up to me I guess.  I woke at my normal “Alberta” time of 3am and here I am, writing a blog entry.

Today we have our Thanksgiving dinner.  My aunt and cousin are coming down from Toronto.  Should be a good time.  Tomorrow evening I head to Toronto for a few nights, lots planned, mostly food.  I am looking forward to my week of visiting with friends and family and eating.  My conference starts on the 21st and then I head back to Alberta on the 24th.  I am sure the time will fly.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

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