Some great playoffs…

I was out yesterday afternoon, I had to pick up some pet-friendly salt for the sidewalk and driveway, looks like ice might be a small issue.  Anyway, as I pulled up, I thought that I would check to see if there was any score in the Cardinals-Braves game.  Well, indeed there was.  It was the top of the first inning and the Cardinals were up 10-0.  I couldn’t quite believe it.  I didn’t really care who won the game, but was hoping for a good game.  It ended 13-1, so just a bit of a blowout.

In the second game, Washington was playing game five in LA and were down for most of the game.  I went to bed before it was over, I was tired, fell asleep on the couch actually.  I discovered upon waking this morning that the Nationals came back from a 3-0 deficit and won with a grand-slam in the 10th inning.  I am no fan of the Dodgers so I was pretty dang happy about that.

So, the NLCS is set, Cardinals vs Nationals and I don’t have a preference really.  I suppose it would be nice for the Nationals to get to the dance.  It shouldn’t really matter, I think the AL will take the World Series.

Tonight is game five of the Astros-Rays series.  It’s back in Houston and I am hoping that Houston will take it and take it in a big way.  The home team hasn’t done a great job, in general, this post-season when you look at the other series.  Houston has done very well at home though, so I hope it continues tonight.  If so, that would set up an amazing series, the Yankees vs the Astros.  That will be the best series we will see, I am sure.

I hope to be able to catch some playoff action in Ontario.  I am staying at my brother in laws place and he doesn’t have cable any longer, but I am bringing my Chromecast with me, so I can stream games.  Time will be more of an issue, I think, I have a lot of plans.  I am sure I will squeeze some games in there though.

Enjoy the rest of the playoffs and Go Astros.  #TakeItBack


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