My trip and who am I voting for?

I only have two more full days and a partial day to work before I am on vacation for a week.  I am heading to Ontario on the Red Eye Saturday morning.  Friday is a “get out of work early” day, we get 3.5 hours off because of the holiday on Monday.  It’s Thanksgiving in Canada, for any American readers.

So, Friday I will go and vote in the advance polls.  I don’t talk politics a lot on here, but, Canada really does need to shed the Liberal government that we currently have, it is the most corrupt and inept government that we, as a country, have ever experienced.  I realize that no government is perfect, but Trudeau and his band of idiots are something else.  The NDP are not a viable option, not at all.  I am not willing to become a Socialist.  The problem with Socialism, as has been stated many, many times before is that eventually, you will run out of other people’s money.  The Green Party, no thank you.  Yes, I am all for keeping our environment viable, but they are whack-jobs and would ruin our economy.  The PPC, that is Bernier taking his ball and going home because he didn’t win the Conservative leadership last year.  Frankly, Canada has seen enough Prime Ministers from Quebec, we don’t need any more.  I hope that the PPC don’t win a single seat, I am sure they won’t.  I also hope that they don’t take too many Conservative votes away and split the vote allowing the Liberals back in.

So, that leaves me with the Conservatives and I am happy with that choice.  I still find it hard to believe that Harper, one of the best Prime Ministers this country has ever seen, lost to Trudeau.  Anyway, we can correct that and ensure that sock-boy, potato-boy, whatever current nickname you want to slap on him this week does not get back in.

I have, previously, had respect for Liberal Prime Ministers.  I didn’t mind Jean Cretien, he didn’t embarrass Canada on the world-stage.  Sure, he was from Quebec, but he was a decent man and a pretty good PM.  Paul Martin was also pretty good and I believe considered to be one of the best Finance Ministers we’ve had.

So, there’s my political “rant” for the day.  Friday, I will be voting for the Conservative candidate here, John Barlow.  There is a 0% chance of him not being re-elected.  I live in one of the most Conservative ridings in the country, safe to say, it’s a safe seat.

After voting, I will head home, pack for my trip (I will be gone nearly 2 weeks) and then head to the Pet Resort with the dogs.  They like it there so it’s not overly traumatizing for them.  I will miss them though.

I will head to Calgary with no rush since my flight doesn’t leave until midnight.  I plan on hitting Cross Iron Mills mall and then have dinner with a friend and her family.  We are going to Boston Pizza, her, her husband (also my friend) and their 3 daughters.  Should be fun.  I am hoping that I will get some sleep on the plane, but I am not banking on it.  Oh well.

More on my trip later.  Enjoy the rest of the week.

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