Baseball – coaching perhaps?

So I may be getting back into coaching baseball here in Crowsnest Pass.  I was at a meeting a few weeks back for Air Cadets and the talk briefly turned to baseball and I asked if there was a baseball team at the local high school.  Well, indeed there is.  So, I called the school, not sure on who to speak with, so I started with the person who picked up the phone.  She gave me the the contact information for the head coach who’s been coaching the team for a number of years.  I called him, he was out of town but we spoke briefly and he said he’d call me when he was back in the Pass.

Yesterday, we spoke for about 30 minutes and today, he and the other guy who’ve been running the team are getting together to discuss it.  I have coached high school baseball before back in St. Catharines and have coached at every level and age group for 25 years.

This will be a small commitment, compared to say running a Babe Ruth club like I did in Calgary or running an All-Star team like back in St. Catharines.  The season for high school baseball is short.  It starts as soon as you can get outside so that is the end of April at the absolute earliest, more than likely not until the beginning of May and it runs only until the beginning of June.  If you’re lucky, you might get 6 weeks in, if you’re unlucky, it might only be 4.

Anyway, I figured at some point, I would do some coaching again and this should be perfect.  I am planning on umpiring again next summer back in Calgary.  I am planning on doing a double-header every other weekend or something around those lines.  I am looking forward to meeting tonight, it doesn’t interfere with any MLB play-offs, the Astros play at 11am today so that’s great.  Will be good getting back on the field.

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