It’s baseball playoff time…

Friday was a day heavy in baseball.  Both the NLDS and the ALDS were going on so there were four games in total, back to back to back to back.  I was most interested in the Houston – Tampa series as Houston is my AL team.  They easily won in an excellent game.  Justin Verlander is almost unstoppable.  Unfortunately, the Yankees won as did the Dodgers.  In the Atlanta / St. Louis series, I didn’t really care who won and it looked like Atlanta had the game in hand and St. Louis came back.  Anything can happen in baseball, that’s for sure.

Saturday was a more relaxed day, only two baseball games on hand.  I had to move my trailer off of the street yesterday, well, actually I should have done it back before October 1, I thought that October 15 was the cut-off, but I was wrong.  No ticket anyway, good thing and now the trailer is safely stowed at my friends property for the winter.  I unloaded three wooden cabinets that I had friends in Calgary pickup for me, I brought them back on Tuesday when I came back from the office.  They will work great in my bedroom and the bookshelf will work in the living room.  The house is honestly full now so I can’t buy anything else.

Back to Saturday baseball.  It started at 3pm with the Yankees and Twins.  Minnesota is being outplayed in every aspect of the game right now and the Yankees hold a 2 game to none lead in the best of 5 series.  Looks like the Twins are all but done.  In the other AL series, the Astros took a strangle-hold against the Rays and also are up 2-0.  It looks like it will be a Yankees-Astros ALCS which I predicted a while ago.  Really, this should be the World Series since whatever team emerges from the ALCS, will likely win against whoever represents the NL.  I fear it will be the Dodgers, I am hoping for anyone else.  At least Washington evened that series out, so there’s hope.  I do not care for the Dodgers, unsure exactly why, but I don’t.  I guess there would be some satisfaction seeing them make another World Series only to lose a 3rd straight.  Sounds like my Buffalo Bills in the early 90’s with 4 straight Super Bowl loses…

Speaking of the Bills, I am going to a game on the 20th with my brother in law when I am in Ontario.  I can’t wait for the trip and there’s not much of a wait left, I fly out early Saturday morning.  Will be a great trip.  I am booked pretty solid to see friends that I have not seen in a while.  After my 10 day vacation, we have our work conference in Niagara-on-the-Lake and it will be good to see the team again and meet the new people.  I was at our National office this past July, so I did meet a number of new people already.  Good times for sure.

Today, the AL takes a break and the NL is back in action.  Both series are tied so, here’s to hoping LA goes down 2-1 and in the other series, well, I really don’t care – as long as the winner can take care of LA, presuming they make it past Washington.  If Washington emerges victorious, that will be awesome and then I really don’t care who goes to the World Series.  That team, whoever it may be, will hit a roadblock, be it the Astros or the Yankees.  The AL is taking the World Series this year, I can just about guarantee that.

Football today as well, of course.  Buffalo is on the road and next week they are off.  I will see my first live NFL game on the 20th as Miami comes into town and Miami stinks this year, so it should be a good time.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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