The weekend already…

It’s almost another weekend, this week zoomed on by. One reason would likely be my trip to Calgary, which made the beginning of the week go quickly.  It has also been very busy at work so that helps for sure.

Last night I stopped by the Thursday Market.  They’ve moved inside now, it’s a little cold for an outdoor market.  I bought a great pair of knitted slippers to replace a pair that is falling apart.  See, this is why I need a Grandma, to make me stuff like this.  🙂

I am on-call this weekend, hopefully it won’t be overly busy, but I plan on sticking around.  Another weekend of nothingness and this weekend, there should be nothing going on.  No trips to Lethbridge, Calgary or Okotoks.  I think, anyway.  I might go to Canadian Tire, I have something to return.  That would be Fernie, so only 30 minutes, the dogs would like the car ride.  OK, so I might do that.

I have arranged for a US address in Eureka, Montana.  It’s a bit of a drive, about an hour and a half.  They will accept packages and the charges are based on weight, anywhere from $3 to $20 (for a pallet) and they will hold the package for as long as you need.  It will save me some shipping costs for sure, so, not a bad deal.  I was going to get one in Kalispell, Montana since there is a Chick-fil-A there, but that is an hour further, so if I am just picking up a package and don’t have a hankering for chicken, I can save some time.

Most of the snow that fell last weekend and Monday is gone.  The temperatures have rebounded nicely, it is reaching 10C and has been a bright and sunny week.  So, the first storm of the season wasn’t all too bad.  I am sure we will get more any time now, but some late-summer weather would be great.

Enjoy your weekend – baseball playoffs are here, football season is in full gear and hockey just started.  A good time for sports fans.

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