Uneventful trip to Calgary…

I headed to Calgary on Monday afternoon.  I was late leaving, I always seem to be late leaving.

I decided that I would not take Highway 22 to Calgary, even though it is a shorter route as that highway can be a little crazy with the weather.  The area just had upwards of 2 feet of snow dumped on it and they can be a little slow in clearing 22.  So I chose the longer route, took Highway 3 East to Highway 2 North.  I was surprised that Highway 2 wasn’t completely clear, this is the main north-south highway in Alberta.  Highway 3 heading East was completely clear and dry, but Highway 2 was a single lane most of the way to Nanton, after that, it was clear in both lanes.

I got to the hotel around 5:30pm or so.  Check-in was a breeze.  I had a King Suite, nice sitting area (that I did not use) and a bedroom with king-size bed – you might have guessed that since it was a king suite?  I headed out just before 6 to go for dinner with friends, Red Lobster for Endless Shrimp.  Great meal and company.

I then dropped by their place to pick up three wood cabinets that I plan on using in my bedroom.  They look great and all three, surprisingly, fit into the back of the car.  I still need to unload them actually, I think I will wait until sunrise.  They’ll look great in the house and more importantly, they will also fit in a narrow space.

I crashed hard on Monday night but, per usual, was awake very early.  I had a rather cool shower at around 3:30am, apparently, hot water was in short supply.  I am not quite psychotic enough for a cold shower…  Denny’s for breakfast, chicken skillet with a couple of eggs, it was great.  I also had a sundae for breakfast dessert – why not?

I don’t have a security card for the Calgary office any longer so I had to wait until they opened to get in.  New security protocols now, cards expire if they aren’t used at least monthly.  Well, I don’t plan on visiting the office monthly.  My new laptop (the purpose of the trip) was mostly set up already, I just had to do the finishing touches.  At noon, my co-worker and I met a former co-worker for lunch at Earls.  Great food, I had a peppercorn steak.  I then zipped for a 2:30 doctors appointment.  Although I no longer live in Calgary, I like my doctor so I’ve kept him.

The trip home was great and quick.  No snow on the roads which was nice, I was able to cruise along and make-up some time.  A few recent purchases from Amazon and Costco were waiting for me when I got home.  I watched the NL Wild Card game last night but turned it off in the 7th as I couldn’t stay awake, one of the issues when you wake up in the middle of the night.  Speaking of that, I woke even earlier today, 1:30am…  I can see a nap in my future today for sure.

Today I have an eye doctor appointment and I bet they will recommend some sort of bi-focal lense, I am forever taking my glass off and putting them back on.  I don’t need them for close up, just distance.  It’s a pain.  Tonight is the AL Wild Card game.  I don’t really care who moves on.  My attention will be the Astros, whom, I predict will win this years World Series.

Enjoy your day.

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