Weak attempt, Mother Nature…

Nice try, Mother Nature, but your September snowstorm, was, for the most part, a miss.

Sure, there was some snow on the ground and in some parts, there was a foot of it, but the roads and sidewalks were still too warm and the snow melted.  Driving was not bad at all, except of course for those of us who cannot drive.

The Fall Market was cancelled yesterday though, even though it had been moved inside.  In the early morning hours, the roads were a bit slick, but I think cancelling was a bit of a stretch, but, I suppose for the safety of the vendors and public, it was the right call.  Still disappointing.

I cleared the back patio of snow.  The new shovel I purchased with a metal edge on the blade worked well, money well invested.  The car-port kept a majority of snow off of the car, so that was good.  I think backing into the car-port is my best bet, then, whatever snow gets in there will cover the back window instead of the front window.

I had a great nap yesterday morning/afternoon and slept for almost 3 hours.  That is what Saturday naps are all about.  I got up, did some stuff around the house and then, looking at the road reports and the weather forecast, I decided that I would load the dogs up in the car and head back to Lethbridge to return that awful soundbar that I bought from Costco.

Uneventful trip to Lethbridge.  As I headed East on Highway 3, there was less and less snow and by the time I arrived in Lethbridge, they might have gotten a half-inch of the white crap.  The roads were bare from home to Lethbridge and past Fort McLeod the roads were dry.

Costco pretty well takes anything back and they took my defective soundbar back, after they had one of their audio/video guys verify that all of the parts were there.  Piece of crap is what that was.  I will never buy Vizio again.  I will be getting a soundbar though, after all.  A friend has one that he no longer uses, it’s a Sonos so it matches the other speakers I use and they are all compatible with Alexa, so that’s great.  I will pick it up when I am in Calgary on Monday and Tuesday.

The trip home was as easy as the trip to Lethbridge, no slow-downs, no bad roads.  I had a relaxing evening of watching some baseball.  Today, the regular season wraps up and the playoffs start, it should be exciting.  On the football side of things, the Patriots visit the Bills in a battle of unbeaten teams.  The Bills will be in tough, for sure, but, they do have home-field advantage, so I am hoping anything can happen.  I am a fan of the Patriots as well, even though they are the Bills rivals in the East, but in this contest, I will be backing Buffalo, 100%.

No excursions planned for today.  I sort of doubt that I will even leave the house.  Of course, that’s what I thought yesterday as well.  Enjoy your Sunday.

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