Has winter arrived already?

I spent some time yesterday playing with the soundbar.  I set the TV audio settings to what was needed, still, no sound.  No connection to my phone via network nor BlueTooth.  The soundbar would also not connect via WiFi.  So, it’s going back.

I am not driving anywhere today.  We got between 6 and 10 inches of snow last night and more expected through Monday.  I am heading to Calgary Monday afternoon as I am working in the office on Tuesday as I am picking up my new laptop.  So, I guess I will return the soundbar in Okotoks on Tuesday.  I won’t be buying a new one.  The sound on this new TV is amazing.  I am sure with a “working” soundbar, I would get better sound, but, this is good enough.  I am not sure if this is a one-off, but I would be reluctant to purchase anything made by Vizio again.

A buddy says he has a Sonos soundbar.  I do have two Sonos speakers, all wireless so that might be an option, I am unsure how expensive they are though, guess I will look into it.

As I’ve said, we got snow last night.  I have another minor issue in my place, the furnace has stopped working.  The thermostat says the heat is on, but the fan isn’t blowing.  My landlord is on his way over to take a look at it, hopefully, he can figure it out, he’s pretty handy.  I checked the breaker panel, none of the breakers are tripped.  That’s about what I can do.

In the meantime, I have a portable heater on in the living room.  It’s up to 65F in the living room and although some would find that cold, I am used to it from my experience in the last house that I lived in.  I have a short-sleeve t-shirt on and I am good.

Hopefully, I will have full heat later today.  I plan on going to the Fall Market this afternoon, it’s indoors, so that will be good.  Other than that, baseball watching is the plan for the day and football is the plan for tomorrow.

Enjoy your weekend.

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