That was aggravating…

So, last weekend in all of the insanity, I purchased a soundbar for use with my new TV.  I have never had one before but they seemed pretty cool in the store and provided excellent sound.  So, I picked one up and brought it home.  I tried (tried, being the operative word there) to connect it last night.

I am an IT guy and typically have zero issues with technology.  Now, if you want me to set up an Ikea table or cabinet, I am NOT your guy, but technology, I don’t have issues with.  The instructions for setting this up were pretty clear and all of the cables and whatnot were clearly labeled.  I had the system connected in no time and I downloaded the app for my phone to continue the setup.

This is where the train derailed.

The instruction here were not clear, not at all.  Actually, that’s not completely true.  It’s not that they weren’t clear, it’s that they were apparently written for a different version of the software than the one that I downloaded for my phone.  I tried to improvise, it didn’t work.  The soundbar was not detected by the app.

So, I looked in the manual for a tech support number, they were open for another 20 minutes so I decided to call them.  The person was pretty helpful, but after 35 minutes or so (this would be 15 minutes after her quitting time), we had made no progress.  She presumes that the system is dead, or dying out of the box.  I was eventually able to get the soundbar added to my phone via BlueTooth, not WiFi, it would NOT connect to my WiFi network.

She suggested resetting my modem/router, I asked “even though I have numerous devices connected to it, without issue”, she said, “it can’t hurt”…  OK, I’ve been in IT for over 25 years now and I can tell when a tech is out of ideas and is grasping at straws, I’ve been there myself.  Together, we sort of decided that there is an issue with the soundbar.  She suggested I call back today to get it replaced under warranty.  I suggested, instead, that I simply take it back to Costco and get my money back.

I can accept that something might be defective out of the box, that happens, although really, it shouldn’t, but the instructions for it were not good, not at all and I still don’t know how the sound from my TV is supposed to play over this soundbar, it almost seems like it is streamed to it, although I have connected it with the provided HDMI cable.

Nope, I don’t like the design, I don’t like the software and I don’t like the soundbar.  Good thing that Costco will pretty much take anything back.  I won’t likely return it until next week since we are supposed to get a crap-load of snow starting sometime today.  I will listen to the TV with the built-in speakers, like some Neanderthal.


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