A relaxing weekend turns insane…

I wanted to have a relaxing weekend last weekend.  It didn’t quite work out that way.

Originally, I was going to go camping in Montana last weekend, without the dogs but the pet resort they go to was closed, the owners were taking a rare vacation.  So I decided to stick around.  I could have camped with them, but didn’t want to.

So, although I had planned on doing nothing, on Saturday, I decided to make a trip into Lethbridge and go to Costco.  So, I headed out around 8am which would get me to Lethbridge around 9:30am when Costco opened.

I picked up some stuff I needed, 3 bags of dog food for instance and some other stuff that I didn’t necessarily need, but I wanted.  I bought myself a laptop for instance.  I haven’t had a laptop in a number of years, not a personal one anyway.  It is an HP, a lower-end model but it will meet my needs nicely.  I bought some jeans, socks, underwear, a Keurig, some foodstuff, a soundbar (for the TV), paper towels, a small chest freezer (it’s a good size).  All in all, the bill was just over $1300.  Yikes.  I also had to renew my membership.  I decided to upgrade to the Executive membership.  It was double the price, $120 for a year, but, you get 2% back on all purchases.  I spent enough last year that I would have gotten about $60 back in total, so I figured it was worth it.  I go monthly and buy at least dog food and gas and normally buy other stuff as well.

My next stop was Visions Electronics.  I have wanted a new, larger TV for a while.  I have a 50″ TV and the living room is pretty big and I am getting old so it just wanted cutting it.  They had 65″ Sharp 4K LCD TVs on sale for $648, $350 off, so I decided to upgrade to a 65″.  There was an issue fitting it into the car with a freezer in there so I paid for it and left it in the store, intending on getting it sometime this week.  I then stopped in at Best Buy and bought some Sonos speakers for the house, they sound great.

I headed for home, great drive back.  I intended on having my nice and relaxing day on Sunday.

Didn’t happen.

On Sunday, I saw an ad on Facebook Marketplace for a china cabinet.  I wanted one to give me some extra storage space in the kitchen.  It was for sale in Coaldale which is just past Lethbridge, so I arranged to go and look at it.

It was in great condition so I bought it.  The bottom piece fit into the car, the top we put on the roof rack.  I returned to Best Buy to pick up my TV and pay for the extended warranty.  Now, normally, I wouldn’t touch extended warranties.  But, with Visions Electronics, if you don’t use the warranty in the warranty period, you get the money back in store credit, so it’s a win-win.  Anyway, a 5-year warranty was an extra $179.  I still have a year on the extended warranty on my old TV (it was a 7-year warranty) and when it’s up (December of 2020), I will get that back as a credit.

The sales clerk who helped me was great.  He helped me put the other piece of the china cabinet on the roof rack and secure it and load the TV into the back of the car.

It was an interesting trip home.  I did stop at Canadian Tire and purchased some ratchet straps.  With the load “secured”, I headed for home, an hour and a half drive.  I had to stop a few times to re-secure the load and I took it easy, setting the cruise at 90kph.   I got home with no real issues, but I will NOT travel on the highway again with something strapped to the roof rack again.  Thanks anyway.

So, two very busy days and two return trips to Lethbridge.  I got the cabinet unloaded and brought into the house thanks to a friend’s help.  It looks great and the stain perfectly matches the rest of the kitchen.  It fits in well and will be well used.

Now, this weekend, I plan on relaxing.  I was going to go camping, but, the weather forecast is calling for up to 50cm of snow, so camping is sort of out.  That’s OK.  With that amount of snow, other than shoveling, I can stick around and not want to go anywhere.

Another purchase, and this was a need and not a want, was new tires for the car.  I got some quotes and believe it or not, Integra Tire in Blairmore was by far cheaper than anywehere in Calgary.  Got them installed yesterday and boy were the old ones getting bare.  They would NOT have lasted another month, never mind the winter.

Well, here’s to a relaxing weekend.  I know I need it.  Do you?


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