An interesting Sunday…

Sunday was an interesting day.  I was watching football around noon or shortly after and I hear a sound outside, a loud clunk.  I looked out and saw a kid pushing my trailer off of the support so the tongue of the trailer (is that what they are called?) hit the ground.  I witnessed a group of three kids running down the street.

I went outside to ensure there was no damage to the trailer.  There wasn’t, but it was too heavy for me to lift back onto the support.  So, I decided to find the kids who did it, if I could.

I hopped into the car and went down the street in the direction they were running, no sign of them.  I thought, maybe they ducked into the 7/11.  Sure enough, they were there.

So, I proceeded to give them a good scare, yelling at them about my trailer and told them they would come back to my house and fix what they did.

They beat me back to my house and helped me put the trailer back on its support.  We talked about it, I asked why they tried to vandalize my property, they didn’t have a good answer and agreed it was wrong.  They apologized and they continued on their way and I continued watching football.  I had put the incident behind me as kids will be kids and whatnot, not that this makes it right.  I figured it was over.

Well, at about 8:45PM, I had a knock at the back door.  The back door is an odd choice since there is a gate, not that it is hard to get through.

So I went to the door, flipped on the light and saw the kid, his father and three other people which I found was odd.  I figured that they were there to apologize, didn’t know why the three other people were there though.

Anyway, I was wrong…  The father wanted an apology from ME, if you can imagine that.  There was no way in hell that I was apologizing to the kid for calling him out on his bullshit.

The father was a short little dude, short and fat.  I’d guess 5’6″ tall and 5’6″ around.  He had a scruffy beard and unkempt hair, I’d describe him as typical “trailer trash”.  He became a bit aggressive, insisting that I apologize and I told him there was no way I was going to apologize and I told him to leave.  He asked me how I was going to make him leave and I said if he didn’t, I’d let the three dogs who were inside outside and they’d probably be able to convince him and his inbred family (presuming they were family members, who knows?) to leave.

At this point, he slapped me across the face and left.  He uttered death threats to both me and my dogs, several times.  I think, just maybe, he escalated the situation beyond what he wanted to, or, he’s fucking nuts, no idea…  Under normal one on one conditions, I would have done my best to drop him, but, with three other adults there, I wasn’t going to start anything I couldn’t be sure of finishing, I am not stupid after all.  The other three left and I called 911.

Within 20 minutes or so, an officer was at my house to take a statement.  He also happens to be the Community Liaison officer so he figures he’ll know the kids and from that, will be able to identify the father. He’ll try to get the video surveillance tapes from the 7/11 and will identify the kids and then arrest the father, as he deserves to me, the piece of shit he is.

Anyway, he asked me to give a few days at least.  I haven’t heard back as yet, but I am sure I will.  I was impressed with how quickly the RCMP responded.  Kudos to the men in blue.

More on this, as it comes, I am sure.

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