Another busy weekend, seems to be the norm…

That would be two busy weekends, back to back.

On Friday, the dogs had a vet appointment in Calgary.  I decided when we moved to Crowsnest Pass that we would continue going to the vet clinic that I found in Calgary as I really liked the vet and the staff.  I figured a return trip to Calgary once a year with the dogs would not hurt anyone and we’d continue having an excellent vet.

So we left a bit later than I wanted to, my aim was to be on the road by 11:10am or so which would give us plenty of time to get to Calgary and do some running around before the 3:15pm appointment.

I was stopping in Nanton to pick up a used laptop that was a good price.  I have been without one for some time and wanted to get back into playing some old-school games on my Steam account.  More on the laptop later…

I stopped in High River to go to the Canadian Tire, I had to return a thermostat that I purchased that was not compatible with my system.  The store was pretty small and their selection of thermostats was not very good so I wasn’t able to get that done.  We got into Calgary and I did some running around that I needed to get done.

The vet appointments were uneventful, all of the dogs are healthy and happy.  They all got their shots and I was given a $420 bill.

The four of us then made our way over to a friends house, we were going on a walk with Lita and the dogs have not seen each other for ages (about 18 months).  I was invited for dinner, thank you muchly and we headed to the park.  A good time was had by the dogs and Hera doesn’t even seem to mind being on a leash in the parks – she’s not good with little dogs.

We started for home around 8pm or so, but I had one final stop to make.  I had contacted someone via Facebook Marketplace, they had a cool shelf and a light built-in for the bedroom.  It was getting late, 8:45pm and the woman I was getting it from messaged me and said she was going to bed and not to bother coming by.  Well, at that time I had just pulled into the townhouse complex and I found the right house.  I picked up my shelf/lamp and loaded it into the car.  Blondie and Hera might not have been happy as I had to put the one seat down to fit the lamp into the car, they’d be cramped on the trip home.

Off we go and had an uneventful trip back, we got home shortly after 10:30pm or so, not a bad day at all, just a lot of driving.  Bed was the only thing on my mind.

Saturday morning, I was volunteering with the Run the Rocks event in Frank.  A number of runners (somewhere around 60 of them) were running across Frank Slide in a 5km event.  I thought it was sort of insane, I am not a fan (anymore) of running and running across hundreds of tons of rocks is not my idea of a good time.  I was helping with registration and met some pretty cool people.  I left just before 1pm and, believe it or not, had to go back to Calgary.

This time, I left the dogs at home.  I stopped at Canadian Tire, again, and was able to exchange my thermostat (which is now installed, so I can have heat in the next few weeks when it’s needed), went to Red Lobster for dinner and did some other galivanting about.  The trip to and from Calgary was good and I was reserving Sunday as a day of rest.

I will relate Sunday’s story next time – some interesting happenings in Coleman, that’s for sure.

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