A Thursday not to be believed…

I am going to tell you how my Thursday went.  I assure you, everything that I will write is bang-on accurate, but you may not believe it all.

Thursday, was, to be sure, an interesting day.

Going back to when I moved into the house in Sentinel, Alberta, I had to have internet access, obviously.  I had arranged for a local company, Tough Country Communications to come and install their direct line of sight service.  They came out the second day I was in the house, early in the morning.  It’s a direct line of sight service though and, unfortunately, there was a mountain in the way.  I guess that happens when you live in the mountains.  Going a bit out of order here, I also tried ExploreNet and their satellite internet service.  It worked great, although the lag time was a bit much.  The only issue is that it worked great when the skies were clear.  When it was heavily clouded, it didn’t work at all.  I contacted them and canceled before my trial month was up and I got a full refund.

I needed internet service though and I contacted Rogers as they had a Rogers Hub that would work.  Telus actually had a much better priced Hub of their own, but since I ended my association with them on bad terms, shall we say, they would not give me service.  Fair enough.

So, the Rogers Hub was $65 for 5GB of service and each additional GB was $2, or $20 for 10GB actually, I am not sure if you used 12GB if you were charged $22 or $30, anyway, it was a bit pricy.  I had some issues early on and my September 2018 internet bill was over $600, let me tell you, that was a shock to see.

Getting back to the story on hand here…  After Tough Country tried and failed to give me internet access, I called Rogers.  They could ship me a device but it would take a few days to arrive. Nope, that won’t work, I need it setup and working before I left for Missouri and the World Series, I had a friend looking after the dogs and there was no TV so I had to at least give him internet access.  They asked what the closest center was, that would be Lethbridge.  Sorry, they are out of stock…  OK, Cranbrook, BC?  Sure, they have one – we will have them hold it for you.  Awesome.

So, off to Cranbrook, we go.  It was a good drive through the mountains.  We waited for what seemed like forever in the store (it was well over an hour).  I picked up the device and decided to pay for it outright since I didn’t want to be locked in a contract.  I was also asked to pay a $300 security deposit which I thought was a bit odd seeing as I just paid for the device, but, whatever.  So I paid my security deposit.

Fast forward a year and I was moving out of the house in Sentinal (propane was WAY too expensive and I was quite tired of having to completely limit my internet access as $600 bills were a bit much).  I called Rogers to cancel the service, they of course offered to suspend the service, I declined – I will have no need.  OK, so they canceled it effective the end of June 2019.  No issues there.  I did ask about my security deposit and was told it would be credited to my account and a cheque would be issued.  Awesome.

Fast forward again to the end of August 2019.  I have now not had the Rogers Hub for 2 months and yet, no security deposit.  I call Rogers.

The level 1 support person I talk to is helpful, but he can’t even see that I have paid a deposit, they have no record of it and he suggests that I am out of luck.  I lose it on this poor, misinformed gent and ask for his Manager.  She also cannot see a security deposit, but she assures me that she will look into it.

A few days later, I get a call from her.  She’s looked into it, sure enough, they trace it back to the store, the store has record of it but for some reason, it never made it onto my account.  One has to wonder how they balanced their books?  Anyway, I was told that Rogers could not help me with my refund, I have to go to the store.  I ask her if she’s aware of the geography here, Cranbrook is over 400km round-trip.  Oh, yes, that is a lot to ask of you, she says.  She will escalate to the Office of the President, I think I am supposed to be in awe of this, I am not.

I do get a call back from a nice guy name David.  He apologizes, but he is also unable to issue a refund and wants me to go to the store.  He at least has some sort of an idea about geography and at least offers to credit my Hub bill of the amount I owe (under $100) for compensation for the gas I will use to Cranbrook and back.  I accept this and on Thursday, I load up and head West.

I get to the store and figure I will be there for 20 minutes or so.  The dude in the store tries to help, but he has no idea how to issue this refund.  He calls his Manager, she doesn’t know, she calls the District Manager, they don’t know either, in fact, they state that they cannot do it and that Rogers has to issue me a cheque.  Have we heard this before?  David, remember him?  He’s from the Presidents Office, well, he gave me his number and assured me that he would be in until 7PM Eastern time.  The dude in the local store and I both leave messages at 4:50PM (Mountain Time, which, if you’re not familiar with time zones in Canada, is 6:50PM Eastern Time), no answer.  We both leave messages.

So, after being on hold forever with Rogers support, some lady IS FINALLY able to see the deposit and says that she will issue a refund cheque – it will take 6-8 weeks to arrive.  I thank her and I assure her that it will arrive sooner.

The next day (Friday), I call David back and leave another message.  He does return my call that afternoon and assured me a cheque would go out today, Monday and that I should have it by this coming Friday.  I am not holding my breath, but I am hopeful.

Now, in the meantime, with all this going on, a friend back in the Pass posts something on Facebook that if anyone is heading to Cranbrook in the near future to let him know.  I replied and he asked if I could pick up some ATV tires for him.  Sure, no issue.  His friend who is selling them asks if I can do him a favour.  Well, even though I don’t know you, people down here are pretty friendly and helpful, so sure, what is it I ask…  He wants me to follow him to Kimberly BC with his second truck, it needs to get to Kimberly.  No problem.  That adds about 1.5 hours onto my trip home and it will be full-on dark by the time I get back.  I had Crowsnest Pet Care let the dogs out and feed them around 5pm, I also asked them to go back and let them out around 10pm – they are absolute life-savers.

I heard via various means that the route back to Alberta (Highway 3) was blocked just outside of Fernie, BC (about 45 minutes from home) and that the accident should be cleared by 10pm.  I am thinking I am lucky, as I will be getting to Fernie by about then.

Just outside of Fernie, the traffic is completely stopped.  I fall into a long line of cars, trucks and various other vehicles.  We did move, about 200m at one point, but otherwise, we just sat.  10pm arrived and went, no movement.  The update on the road’s website said midnight for clearing the accident.  Take note that the accident happened around 3:30pm so we are talking that the major (and only) route in southern BC to southern Alberta has been closed for nearly 9 hours.  Midnight comes and goes and we are updated that it should be 1am for opening. Well, I’ve heard this before and frankly, I don’t believe you.  Sure enough, 1am comes and goes and nothing.  By 1:05am, the Westbound traffic is moving and by 1:10am, Eastbound traffic is also moving.  I am finally home by 2:10am and I collapse in bed, dead to the world.

It was an interesting Thursday, and Friday morning, to be sure.  Now, I just wait for the cheque from Rogers.  I am sort of hoping I get this one on Friday and the one that was promised in 6-8 weeks as well – I will cash them both for my trouble.

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