It’s finally decided, I am NOT moving back…

I received a phone call yesterday at work.  It was news that I sort of expected, but I was still surprised.  I was not offered the Managers position, so, once and for all, I now know that I will not be moving back to Ontario.

It’s a mixed blessing really.  On one hand, I would have enjoyed the challenges of the new job and the responsibilities that would have come with it.  On the other hand, I would not have enjoyed having to move across the country, find a house to live in, move into the house and setup, commute 1-1.5 hours each way to work, fight crowds in downtown Toronto and work back in an office again.

Instead of that, I get to stay in the mountains of Crowsnest Pass, Alberta, where I have made it my home for a little over a year.  I get to stay working from home which means my commute is measured in seconds as opposed to hours.  I don’t have to totally uproot my life and the dogs lives.  I like that.  I am not actually disappointed at all.

I am glad the waiting is over though, that was tough.  Although I only interviewed two weeks ago, it seemed that I was waiting for a decision a lot longer than that.

I learned something about one of the people who interviewed me as well and learned that he’s not necessarily to be trusted, this is good to know and good information to have.

So, I will continue down in Coleman Alberta and I am happy about that.

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