OK, yes, so what? I changed my mind…

Last Monday, I decided that I would withdraw from the application process for the Managers position at BDO.  The Director and CIO asked me my reasoning and they gave me their full support.

Starting sometime on Tuesday, I had a feeling in the pit of my stomach and I interpreted that as I had possibly made an incorrect decision.  I wasn’t sure though.

I have been waking up earlier lately, was 5am, then 4:30am and now, it’s around 4am.  Last week was worse, between 2:30 and 3:30 and on Friday, wide awake at 1:50am.  That’s not a lot of sleep when you go to bed at 10:30 or 11.

I was speaking with one of the Management team at National office on Friday morning and once the business side of the conversation was concluded, he asked how my interview went.  I told him quite well, I thought, but that I had decided to withdraw from consideration on Monday.  He expressed his disappointment and added that he thought I would be perfect for the job, which I took as quite a compliment.  He also said that he had given me a very strong reference when he was asked about me.

With that, my “gut” feelings and some conversations I had during the week, I decided that I had to enquire as to whether or not I could change my mind about the job and withdraw my withdrawal.

So, I contacted the two top people in IT and after they confirmed that I was sure, the unanimous answer was that yes, I could.  So, just like that, I was back in the running.

There was an HR task that I had to complete and submit this morning, which I did.  I think I did a good job on it.

I am currently sort of in a holding pattern now, likely until Tuesday or Wednesday since Monday is a holiday.  I am hoping that I will be offered the position and if I am, unless something really “weird” occurs, I will accept and I will put a moving plan into place.

I am thinking, should everything fall into place, I will head across the country, for the second time in my life, somewhere around September 10/11 and take a few days (at least) to arrive.

It will be a massive change from where I am now, that’s for sure.  Coleman, Alberta is a small town of about 1400 people in a slightly larger municipality of Crowsnest Pass which has about 5000 people (give or take).  I may settle in the Burlington area, I am unsure.  I can’t afford Toronto, that’s for sure.  I just need a nice place for the dogs and I, fenced-in backyard, definitely a place with AC and preferably, a bungalow.  Not too much of a demand list.  The rental prices here are nuts from when I last lived here, but not much I can do about that.

It will be an exciting adventure, that’s for sure.  🙂

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