A trip to the homeland…

I have booked my trip to Ontario.  The primary purpose of the trip is our IT Conference for work that we have every 3 years.  This year, we are in Niagara-on-the-Lake at the Pillar and Post and Prince of Wales hotels.  They conferences are always a good time.

When I was booking time off for the conference, I was going to take the Thursday and Friday before the conference off and have a long weekend in Niagara before-hand.  When I looked at the calendar, I saw that we had Monday off that week due to it being Thanksgiving so I figured I would book Tuesday and Wednesday off as well and take an entire week, plus the weekend before so a total of 10 days in Ontario before our conference started.

It’s going to be a busy week as it turns out.  I arrive on Saturday, October 12, coming in on the red-eye.  I like those over-night flights as you don’t really lose any time for adventure since you’re traveling at night.  The flights are pretty quiet since a lot of people tend to sleep.  I don’t sleep on planes, so I will watch a movie or read a book.  Anyway, after I land and collect my luggage, I’ve arranged for a car for the trip, 10 day car rental only cost be about $370 which is pretty decent, worked out to just over $37 a day.

I will be heading to Peterborough to have lunch with a friend from Ottawa.  We used to do this once a year back before I moved West, but we haven’t seen one another since 2011 so it will be great to catch up.  We are going to what I would very likely describe as my favourite restaurant on the planet – Hot Belly Mommas.  It’s a Louisiana style Cajun place, amazing food and great atmosphere.  The first time I was there would have been in the early 2000’s sometime.  The waitress recommended we start with the corn chowder soup – we weren’t very interested…  She guaranteed that we would like it, or she would pay for it.  Ten minutes later, we were wiping up the remaining soup with the corn bread, it was amazing.  All of the food is and I have tried many things on the menu.  I am really looking forward to that.

I will be spending Thanksgiving with my brother-in-law, my Aunt and cousin are joining us from Toronto for the day.  I have not had a full turkey dinner since I headed West so that will be great.  I am spending a couple of days back in Toronto, seeing friends, current and past co-workers and hitting up some restaurants.  If you think my trips revolve around food, you’d be correct in thinking that.

I will be back in Niagara for a few days, likely hit up Duff’s for pizza and wings, going to breakfast with a friend on the Saturday, dinner the same night with a former co-worker at the Keg (in Hamilton) and then on Sunday, my brother-in-law and I are heading to Orchard Park New York and taking in the Dolphins @ the Bills.  I used to go to one or two Bills games a year and haven’t been since 2010, so that will be awesome.

The conference starts on Monday and ends Thursday.  I will head back to Alberta and then have Friday off.  Should be a great two weeks back.  I am looking forward to it all.

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