Three day weekend…

This is day three of a three day weekend.  In fact, because next weekend is Labour Day, it will be back-to-back three day weekends, I like that.

It has absolutely zipped by, as most weekends do.  I had a bunch of zipping around to do on Friday and I also took the dogs down to the lake for an hour or so.  There were some other large dogs there that they played with and swam with.  There was a lab mix that the owner was throwing the frisbee into the lake and her Lab and Twix would swim out and try to get it.  Believe it or not, Twix (who is a Pitbull / Border Collie mix) outswam a 2-year-old Lab mix.  She LOVES the water.  Meanwhile, Blondie and Hera are just splashing about ensuring they don’t get any deeper than the chest.  I am not sure that Hera’s back has ever been wet from lake water.

That completely tired them out.  So tired in fact, that I had a bit of a panic on Saturday morning.  I woke up early, as I have been doing lately (4am) and Hera came in to give me my morning kiss, every morning, as soon as I wake up – what a sweet dog.  I said good morning to Blondie who was all smiling and tail wagging.  Twix didn’t respond, which is odd, she at least normally wags her tail.  Twix, is not what I would call a morning dog.

Anyway, I called her again, nothing.  I shook her, nothing.  At this point, I am thinking something is wrong and I recall reading about dogs who go into the water and ingest too much water and they die.  I pop up on the bed and shake her pretty good – nothing.

I am not in a mini-panic mode thinking my dog is dead.  I am right out of bed now and I violently shake her.  She lifts her head up and looks at me like “Can I not sleep in one day a week?”…  Now, that I know she’s alive, she gets a bear hug from me, likely further adding to her confusion of being woken so rudely.  Jeez Twix, you scared me.

We had a low-key type of day yesterday.  Coffee with the neighbour, a little TV, a short nap, an Indiana Jones Marathon in the evening.  Life is pretty good.


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