Crowsnest Outdoor Society

I joined the Crowsnest Outdoor Society a few weeks ago.  They go on group hikes in the spring, summer and fall and go snowshoeing and cross country skiing in the winter.  I went on my first group hike last evening.

You are allowed to bring dogs, but I doubt they really want you to bring THREE dogs, so I figured I would bring Hera out last evening.  Unfortunately, one of the members brought their Corgi and Hera wasn’t impressed.  We let them meet and Hera didn’t like him and he didn’t seem to like her.  We didn’t let them off leash to meet, I didn’t want Hera to possibly hurt him.  I think that’s called being a responsible pet-owner.

So, Hera and I went home and I brought Blondie.  Blondie loves everyone and she and the Corgi (Oliver or Ollie) got along well.  Next week, I will bring Twix out, she also loves all dogs.

So, we met at Fireman’s Park in Bellvue and started the hike.  We were out for just about 1.5 hours and walked just under 7km.  There were some moderate hills and I am tired and sore today.  Oddly, my feet are the sorest part of me, my legs are fine.  Blondie slept well last night, he was really tired, but she is also 8.5 years old, so that’s considered am early elderly dog, she still has the spunk of a puppy though.

It was good to get out on a trail I didn’t know existed and meet some new people.  The weather was perfect for a hike too, temps in the mid-20’s and sunny, there was a good breeze too.

I will be trying some snowshoeing this winter for sure, hopefully I will like it.  Here’s to getting back into shape, well, a shape other than pear.

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