A busy and productive Saturday…

Yesterday was a long and productive day.  I wanted to leave the house at around 6:30 and although I woke up (and I don’t know why this damn early) at 4:30, I was late leaving.  So, I got out of the house at around 7am and headed towards Calgary.

First stop was a friends place, his complex was having a yard sale.  I didn’t really plan on buying anything, well, that was the plan anyway.  As soon as I arrived, I saw he had a bike for sale.  I have been looking for a bike and new, they pretty much start at the $800 mark or so and I didn’t really want to spend that much.  I bought a few other things and we negotiated a deal that we were both happy with.  So, I now have a 27 speed mountain bike with front shocks and disc brakes, a wheelie cooler, a baking dish, a weather station (you put the sensor outside and it transmits to the console inside), a fishing pole and tackle box and a big glass – I don’t think I missed anything…  I originally intended on being there and chatting for 30 minutes or so.  Well, pretty soon it was 11:30 and I had to leave for lunch.

Brazilian Steakhouse was on yesterday and it was pretty damn good.  Neither of us went into meat coma, so that’s a good thing.  I had intended to head to Crossiron Mills mall before lunch but that didn’t work out so I heading north of Calgary after lunch.  I picked up bear spray at Bass Pro Shops, it was half the price of the same bear spray in the Pass.  I understand that we are remote here and whatnot, but a 100% markup is a little ridiculous.  Most things are marked up here but not by that much.  I will continue to do most of my shopping outside of the Pass, other than groceries.  Maybe the owners of the stores and whatnot will discover that they can’t rip us off…

I stopped at the Levi outlet and Bed, Bath and Beyond – wow, you can drop a lot in little time in both of those places.  The salespeople that helped me in both stores were incredibly helpful.  The management in both places should be proud of their employees.  I got 2 pairs of jeans, both on sale and a mattress cover and new pillows for my new queen size bed.  The long trek home began.

I didn’t stop at Costco on the way due to lack of funds for anything I wanted there – the garage sale sidetracked those plans.  Oh well.  It was an uneventful and pretty quick ride home, other than some construction on one of the side-highways, gotta love that in summer.

The dogs were happy to see me and I them – I had been gone for 12 hours.  Thanks to Crowsnest Pet Care for taking care of the dogs for me while I was gone and letting them out twice and trying to feed them, they didn’t eat, but I am sure they won’t starve – they did eat this morning though, I am sure they were hungry.

I still have to unload the car of all of my purchases.  I also still have some stuff in there from when I moved, I know, that’s pretty bad.  It will all get put away today, I promise.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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