The weekend is here. Well, just about…

Another week is nearly over.  This week, like the past few weeks has absolutely flown by.  I like it when weeks zoom by, unfortunately, so do the weekends.

I am heading to Calgary for the day tomorrow and am quite looking forward to it actually.  I am leaving early, likely around 6:30am or so.  Going to stop at a friends place on my way in, the complex he’s living in is having a large garage sale.  I don’t need any crap, but who knows.  After that I am heading to Cross Iron Mills, a large mall north-east of Calgary, past the airport.  It’s a huge small with some great stores.  I need to stop into Bass Pro Shop, I want to look at fishing gear, I am going to do some of that I think.  I also need to buy some bear spray.  I was looking at it here and the cheapest I could find it was $79.99 and it ranged to $99.99.  Bass Pro Shop has it for HALF of that price, $39.99.  The markup down here is ridiculous.  I think moving forward, I will buy most of my stuff, other than regular groceries out of town.  I can understand “some” markup since we are remote, but some stuff down here is insane.  I need the bear spray since I joined the Crowsnest Outdoor Society.  They do organized hikes, snowshoeing in the winter, cross country skiing as well.  It will be good to get outside more, meet some people and dogs are welcome as well.  I can’t bring all three, but I can bring one so I will rotate through who gets to go.  The other two will object, I am sure, but I can deal with that.

I need to do a couple of other stops at Cross Iron Mills as well and then I am going to one of the Brazilian Steakhouses for lunch with another friend – all you can eat meat.  We call it Meat Coma Lunch and it will be good.  The only downside is driving home while trying to digest all that meat, may be tough.

I’ll be stopping in at Costco as well on the way home.  I don’t expect to get back to the Pass until almost dinner time.  There goes half the weekend.

I’ve decided I am going to apply for a job at our National office in Toronto.  I am not completely convinced that I want to move back to Ontario, in fact, I am not convinced at all.  There are pros and cons for sure.  The job is a Managers job, currently who I report to.  It would be more money, but I wouldn’t be able to work from home.  Well, I would, but only a day or two a week, which isn’t so bad actually.  It would be a good change, it would also be a challenge.  Moving back would not be fun, the logistics would be something else.  I will see what happens.  I am a pessimist by nature though, so my expectations are low.  If it works out, great, if not, it won’t bother me and it really won’t.  I love living in Alberta and I love working from home.  My job is a bit boring, that’s about it.  Moving back would reunite me with some old friends which would be good and I would be closer to some family as well.  If it does happen, it’s going to happen pretty quickly.  Time will tell.

Anyway, enjoy your weekend, I know I will enjoy mine.

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