Rainy weekends…

Yesterday, I slept in until after 7:30am.  It was nice, I must have been tired as I rarely sleep in, but it really messed with my day.  I am used to getting up at around 5am, pretty much 5 days a week.  The day seemed to go by even faster than a normal weekend day will go by.

Well, I am back on track this morning, woke at 5am.  I have some stuff to do around the house today, I will get to it, as soon as I’ve finished this entry and zipped to the 7/11 for a latte, honestly, I will.

I purchased a bread maker yesterday, used, off of Facebook Marketplace.  I have wanted to buy one for a while, new they are pretty pricy, nearly $200.  I got this one for $20 and it’s a good model, Black and Decker, makes a few different sized loaves so I will have to experiment.  I rarely buy bread at the grocery store.  For one person, they are too big and it goes stale or bad before I finish it unless I eat a vast number of sandwiches in a short period of time.  People have suggested I freeze it, that doesn’t work for me, it changes the bread.  I suppose if I was using it for grilled cheeses or something it might work.  So, I will see how it is making my own bread.  I plan on getting ingredients today and will try it out.  I doubt I can resist hot fresh bread.

Nothing else really planned for today, it’s supposed to be a rainy day so it’s more than likely an inside type of day.  I will likely catch some baseball on TV and get the stuff around the house done.  Not a bad plan for the day.

I hope you enjoyed your weekend.

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