Another year around the sun…

Yesterday was my birthday.  I hit the 48 mark.  I don’t necessarily feel 48, I am unsure how someone is supposed to feel at 48.  Some days, I physically feel 71 and almost all days, I act 17.

On my birthday, my usually argumentative co-worker and friend has agreed that she will not argue with me, all day.  I am sure it almost kills her, but it is quite fun.  The day at work zoomed by, as most days have lately.

I ordered a black forest cake from a local bakery, The Cherry on Top Bakery in Blairmore Alberta.  The cake was amazing.  I shared with the neighbour.  It is always fun having dessert before dinner.  I had butter chicken pizza and it was great.

I had a ton of posts from friends wishing me a happy birthday on Facebook which is always nice and had a few calls and texts as well.  Thanks for all of the birthday love.

My dogs, Blondie, Hera and Twix bought me an Xbox One for my birthday.  It was quite nice of them, thanks girls.

Another year has come and gone.  I think 48 will be good.

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