The Food and Booze Trip

I will be visiting Ontario in October, second trip this year.  The best part of this upcoming trip is that my company, BDO, is paying for the flight.  We have our every third year conference coming up.

I was going to take a few extra days in Ontario, the conference starts on a Monday afternoon and I was going to come in on the Thursday before.  I then looked at a calendar and saw that Monday was Thanksgiving, so that means I would have only had to work 2 days that week, no sense in that, right?  So, I booked the Tuesday and Wednesday off as well and decided I would fly back to Ontario on Saturday, October 12, giving me a full week plus two weekends prior to the conference.

I will be spending Thanksgiving with my brother in law.  I have not had a full turkey dinner in some time, well, since before I left Ontario, so that will be great.  I have had turkey since moving to Alberta, but not with stuffing cooked in the bird, it’s one of my favourite meals.

I will spend a couple of days in Toronto as well, mid-week likely.  Lots of food is planned and I tend to drink when I am in Ontario, hence the title of this blog entry and the theme for my upcoming trip, “The Food and Booze Trip”.  I like it, it fits.

I will also be hitting up a Buffalo Bills game while I am back.  I used to go to anywhere between 1 and 3 games a year.  I have been a Bills fan since the late 80’s.  Prices have certainly shot through the roof since the last time I was at a game (likely 9 or 10 years now).  We are sitting in the upper bowl, near the 35 line and those two tickets were over $140 Canadian.  Doesn’t help that the exchange rate sucks right now, but, I am sure it will be a great day.  After the game, we will stop at Red Lobster and have Endless Shrimp.  The Bills are hosting the Dolphins so that will be a great game I am sure.  #GoBills

Anyway, much more to come on the trip I am sure.  Back to work for now.


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